About Us

We aim to provide FREE music lessons to children and young adults with divorced, separated or deceased parents.

As a child of divorce since the age of 5 there were many coping options available to me to deal with the confusion of navigating through my parents separation, some less healthy than others. Luckily, the one I gravitated to was music. Once I picked up my first guitar I was hooked. Music has always been there as an outlet for stress, a distraction from life and eventually as a career for me as a radio DJ, record label owner, music producer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. It is my wish that everyone in the situation I was in at least has the option of music to deal with the challenges of family life.

In less than 24 hours after presenting the concept of Tune It Out to Chris Wilson of The Academy of Music and Arts in Westmont and Jules Prokop, Director of the Naperville Alive Center we agreed that this concept deserves a chance to grow and live up to the vision we already see for it.

The first FREE lessons will be offered in Fall 2019 and be funded through fundraising events LIKE THIS ONE and donations from friends like you.

If you would like to join our efforts in any capacity or know any child / young adult that could benefit from our organization please reach out

Looking Forward to Hearing From YOU!

Dan Morrell